A Valentine-themed Craft Tutorial!

Valentine fun for your little loved ones!

Here’s a fun craft activity you can do with your little ones to share a creative expression of love this month! All you need is a few items you can easily find at home!

The tools…not a lot, right?

Bring out those saved tissue cores! Here’s our short list of things you’ll need:

  • An old tissue core
  • Red paint (or whatever color paint you have at home, actually)
  • An old bottle cap
  • Papers (recycled if you’re just doing it for fun, or card stock, if you wanna make Valentine cards)
Exhibit A: Old tissue core

Start by picking up the tissue core, and crimping it. You may press into the center with your finger to collapse its circular shape.

Exhibit B: Crimped tissue core

That was easy, right?

Awww, here’s the heart

Then grab the old bottle cap, put a flat dollop of paint, press one end of the crimped tissue core into the paint, and stamp away!

Press into the paint, and stamp away!

Now, no more excuses for your little one not to give you a Valentine! LOL. Enjoy!

If the activity transforms into finger painting fun, that’s cool too.

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