Summer Fun for TERM 2

Another term is well and truly underway here at Messy Baby Play! Thank you to all those that took advantage of our early bird sale and availed of our term bundles. This term is all about Summer & Nature! We are taking inspiration from the season in each messy play session. So expect sunshine, rainbows, leaves, water, and summer treats!

We love being able to provide quality time for families with a shared experience of messy fun! For those that are new to our community, we’ve listed below a few FAQs.

What happens during your Messy Play term?

We run 6 sessions of messy play per term. This means that there are 6 opportunities to come in, and let your children explore the different activities. There are many different things for them to try. Our sessions run at different locations at different times, meaning there are more chances of you being able to attend with your little one, depending on your respective schedules (nap time is soooo important!). Please see our schedules page to see the dates and times in both Ortigas and Makati branches. We are currently working on more venues to hopefully be accessible to more families in the metro. 

What kinds of activities are included?

We like to set a theme for our sessions, and each term we do a different general theme. Our per-session themes give a point of difference into every session. Our aim is to keep the kids engaged with the activities, even if they come every 2 weeks. In every one hour messy play session you will find at least 5 stations – collaborative art/painting, play dough, craft, wet station and dry station. It gives plenty of opportunity to work with other children in the group or simply create and discover things on their own. 


Why Messy Play?

Engaging in messy play means that the children are able to use their imagination, create their own masterpieces, and most of all–develop a lot of important aspects of themselves. All of our activities messy or not (but more often than not, the messier the more fun!), fall under sensory play, which is basically play that engages their senses, and engaging the senses while at this sensitive stage of development is critical for those ever-expanding neural cogs and wheels in our little ones’ brains (you can read more about sensory play here)! The benefits of messy play–though play in itself is wholistic in terms of a child’s development–fall more on the super tactile, exploratory side of sensory play. Each sensory play station is designed to maximize a child’s engagement with the material presented. Collaborative art wall? Let’s not just enjoy the colors, FEEL the paint! Play dough? It isn’t just great for hand-building, our play dough stations are always presented with different toys and tools that give our little ones room to role play, create, or just experience the texture (and sometimes the scent) of dough!

And since the ways of engaging your child through play are endless, the benefits go on and on. A digging bin with shovels and bowls? Eye-hand coordination, problem solving, pre-Math concepts of less, more, full, empty, etc. Bubbles? Spatial understanding, and just play enjoyment. Going through experiences together with your toddler opens up conversation which helps in language development. Messy Play is a sensory experience that allows your child to discover new things using all of their senses – all while they are having a ton of fun!

We hope some of your questions are answered by the above! If you’d like to ask us anything, just drop us a line on IG or FB!  We hope to see you at our next play session! 


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