We have parties now, hooray!!! And a collaboration too!

Our Children’s milestones, especially birthdays, are such great things to celebrate! One of the highlight’s of our year so far is launching Messy Baby Play Parties!!!

Although parties and events are good fun, there’s also a lot to organize. So many details and moving parts are planned and finalized just to get things the way we want them.  Our aim is to take a little bit of stress away from you on the day, so that you can spend your time celebrating with your child and having fun instead!

Messy Baby Play can take care of the party activity arrangements for you. We now offer customizable Party & Event Packages! Our sensory stations will not only keep your little ones engaged, the bigger kids get to enjoy them too!


What Is Included?

The Messy Baby Party Package is a full set up of messy sensory stations for free play.  Kids will enjoy hopping from each station tow another with varied experiences in each. The messy play stations are set up for a 3 hour period, which means each child has a chance to explore the different activities and not miss out on any (unless they get too involved in one and don’t want to move on to another one!). For those groups who are wanting to focus on arts and craft, we have messy sensory art party programs too!


Why Messy Play?

Messy play is a great developmental tool for children. It gives them an opportunity to explore different textures, objects and let their imagination take over while at “work”. Messy play is a great way to build skills such as fine motor skills, coordination and concentration. It gives the child the ability to create their own ending to an activity, they can pick and choose the objects that they want to utilize and decide on how it will all pan out.

Are you able to customize the set up?

Yes! We work with you to make sure that the set up is aligned to the theme of the party you are hosting. We want to make sure that they are not only a lot of fun, but that they also look great, and tie in with all the decorations you have put together for the party. We will work closely with you to help execute your vision to the best of our abilities.

What are some themes you have done?

We have had a lot of fun creating different themes for birthday parties. We have completed a “Wild and Three” set up including desert sand and animals. We have also set up a “tropical beach theme” party which included lots of water, sand, and sea foam. Others are arctic-themed, farm-themed, favourite things…the possibilities are endless.

What are some of the activities that might be included?

They do vary based on the theme that you have chosen. The aim with messy play is to not only give the children a chance to play, but also to learn at the same time. So many of our stations will have things like sand, water or coloured salt, among the sensory material we have available. We have a play dough bar, where kids can create and bring creations home, flour dough sand pits…etc. You can view some of our session and party photos in our Instagram page @messybabyplay.

Messy Baby Play is able to provide alternative party entertainment for your little ones.  If you’re stuck for ideas for your next party, email us at and find out what we can do for you.

Wait there’s more!!!

We are happy to announce that last May 12, 2019, at the Mommy Mundo Mother’s Day, Hey, Momma! Event, Happy Story Co and Messy Baby Play have launched our birthday party and events collaboration!!!

Happy Story Co is a Montessori/RIE play equipment rental company. Their wonderful play equipment only use kiln dried wood (no finishing chemicals). See more of their range through their IG page, @happystoryco.

We can’t wait to get planning with all of you!!!


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