Welcome to Messy Baby Play

We offer fun, child-led sensory play sessions for your creative little ones!

Messy Play Sessions

We organize themed sensory play sessions that involve both parent and child! Your little ones will be encouraged to explore and discover different media, and tactile materials! Discovery and learning at their most fun (for both parent and child, because you get to leave the mess with us)!

Birthdays and Events

What’s more fun than a messy art party? Or a sensory play set up? Keep the kids happy at play, while you enjoy at your very own event!

Sensory Play Tools and Toys

We’d like to encourage sensory play at home (yes, even if it isn’t necessarily messy play) and help parents as best we can. Coming soon!

Learning Through Play

As parents, why do we do what we do?

In the long run, play CAN be considered a way of life.

If we strive to equip our little ones with the tools to grow and learn, wouldn’t play be a wonderful trait in itself with which to engage life?

We organize sensory play sessions for toddlers whose minds at the moment are expanding and absorbing at an incredible rate. The rationale behind sensory play is–the more they’re exposed to different tactile, sensory experiences, the more of their neural connections are used. As the brain develops further, and the expansion slows down, only the neural connections that are used remain.
Of course, exposure to different materials and experiences in a safe and supportive environment encourages curiosity and engagement, and the enjoyment and discovery that comes with it is P-L-A-Y!

At Messy Baby Play, we design sensory play sessions on a scale you probably wouldn’t normally do at home (yes, it’s the mess!). And of course, at the end of the day, the mess is one less thing to worry about (we gotchu, parents).

It’s a joy to watch our little ones learn to discover, gain confidence, and explore. And since we encourage you parents to accompany your little ones, you might pick up a thing or two about remembering how to play–and the fun that comes along with it.



A Sneak Peek Into Our Play Sessions